AI Fraud & AML Summit World Series.

World’s only focused event on Artificial Intelligence for Fraud & Anti Money Laundering.

About the Series.

Anti-money laundering (AML) is another area where banks are beginning to tap into the power of AI. With hundreds of thousands of wire transfers a day totalling trillions of dollars—not to mention the various privacy laws designed to protect customers—it’s almost impossible to identify every instance of money laundering. Nevertheless, banks are required to do everything possible to identify and help combat money laundering.

While banks have been using rule-based software to identify money laundering for some time, AI offers a significant improvement as it learns, grows and adapts with each experience. Much of this is due to AI’s ability to process large quantities of data and see trends, patterns and outliers in a much larger context than the average human could easily discern.

 The cost of AML compliance across U.S. financial services firms equalled $25.3 billion per year based on survey responses from more than 150 decision-makers at banks, investment, asset management and insurance firms.

 Banks and financial institutions are certainly facing an uphill battle when it comes to mitigating risk and compliance in the area of AML. This has led to many of them to modernizing their platforms to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, especially when it comes to checks. These technologies are able to extract field data such as payee & payor that can be utilized for mitigating compliance risk in the areas of OFAC, BSA/AML, Reg CC, UCC, and KYC.

 To bridge the gap in the industry and to prevent fraud & AML, Thinkin Events have launched the series of AI Fraud & AML Summit.Join us in this event and gain first-hand knowledge and insights from the top industry leaders into staying agile and competitive in this changing environment. Through interactive discussions and in-depth case study presentations, you will learn how to leverage the tools and technologies that will help your organization to deal with Fraud & AML in Real time.



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