Current Speakers

Jamilia Parry

Global Head of Innovation and Digital Solutions, Financial Services
PA Consulting

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Jamilia is a Global Head of Innovation and Digital Solutions at PA Consulting. She has deep regulatory expertise and experience in dealing with EMEA, UK, and US regulators have led numerous regulatory investigations and remediation programs covering AML, CFT, Sanctions, ABC and Fraud, enterprise-wide risk assessments and threat analyses, supported clients to design & deploy financial crime and transaction monitoring transformation programs and acted as an expert witness on complex regulatory matters.

Shivshankar Subramani

Global Lead of Innovation & Digital Solutions Anti- Financial Crime
PA Consulting

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Shiv is a Global Lead of Innovation and Digital Solutions in Anti-Financial Crime at PA Consulting. Shiv has deep expertise and experience in designing and implementing global customer life-cycle management solutions, including operating models, processes and systems covering KYC/ODD, screening, and transaction monitoring. He has led CDD/EDD remediation programmes and managed the performance of the remediation teams to support clients that were subject to s166 and US Monitorships. He has expertise in financial crime compliance and has proven success in technology and business solutions, having led global remediation and transformation programmes to establish centres of excellence and implement CDD efficiencies through automation.

Biljana Gvozdic

Data Science Model Validator
ING Bank

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I am a data scientist with a background in engineering and applied physics.
I currently work as a model validator in the ING Data Science Model Validation team. I have experience validating models in Fraud, AML, and KYC domains; developed using different methodologies, both AI and rule-based.

Himanshu Chaturvedi

Senior Data Scientist/ Manager
Nationwide Building Society

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Ayan Mukherjee

Product Owner Data Science Model Validation
ING Bank

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Senior Product Owner of Data Science Model Validation, MoRM, ING. Ayan has over 12 years of experience working with Analytics and Consulting, majoring in with Finance and Banking industry. Ayan has expensive MoRM experience with Model development, validation, and model risk. Ayan has been a speaker in some prestigious conferences representing ING on topics like the future of MoRM and AI in Fraud and KYC.

Ian Pollard


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Ian Pollard is the SVP, EMEA at – the visionary leader in democratizing AI. Ian has over 25 years of Enterprise Software experience typically working for global software companies across Europe. He has held senior positions at Unica, Veeva, Box and Cloudcraze. He joins from Signavio, a company acquired by SAP in 2021.

Michael Down

EMEA Engineer

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Vincenzo Marchica

Intelligent Automation Congress Ltd

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Jan Veldsink

Lead Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies

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Bio: Jan is a creative energetic new thinker, with passion for technology and people.
Jan is speaker, senior advisor, trainer and coach specialized in Artificial intelligence and Interventions in organizations and teams. His mission is to contribute to a secure and endurable environment within teams and organizations. 
Working with AI since the last AI winter. At his work with some of the large banks in the Netherlands he applies AI within different Compliance and Fraud related topics.His expertise areas are Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Systems thinking, Serious gaming and nnovation. Jan Veldsink MSc is working as consultant and teacher on the subjects of Cybercrime, Artificial
Intelligence, digital transformation, organizational development and innovation at Rabobank and Nyenrode Business Universiteit.
Jan is Lead Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies within Global Compliance Surveillance & Integrity Investigations of the Rabobank.
Jan is Core Teacher of the module AI and Digital Security, one of the Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT programs at Nyenrode.
Other academic programs: Digital Transformation, Leadership and Change, Applying AI.

Richard Parlour

Financial Markets Law International

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Richard Parlour chairs the EU Task Force on Cybersecurity Policy for the Financial Sector. Richard assists banks and other financial institutions in protecting them from financial crime and strengthening their cyber resilience. This includes using AI and other intel tools to develop AML and risk systems effectively and efficiently, tying the AI approaches to humint in an overarching free flowing governance structure. It also includes policy, certification and procedural frameworks, investigations, training, and enhanced due diligence in over 140 countries worldwide. Richard has been a member of the UK Government AML Experts Group, trained FIUs, and is assisting in the establishment of a new EU Task Force on Improving AML Effectiveness across the EU. He has worked in Brussels with the European institutions and is former in house general counsel at LIFFE in London. His firm is called Financial Markets Law International (

Frans van Bruggen

Policy offer FinTech and Artificial

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Andrea Giralt

Project Manager in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Banco Sabadell

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My name is Andrea Giralt and I am from Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain next to France. I studied insurance at the University of the Basque Country, I also have a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance. I am currently also studying for another master’s in Data Science, which I will finish this year. In addition, I am working at Banc Sabadell as a Project Manager on projects related to Artificial Intelligence.

Naila Hachelaf

Compliance Manager & Training
Virtual Risk Solutions

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Naila is a professional with 9 years working within the Financial Services Industry, gaining extensive experience & advanced knowledge in Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing, Financial Intelligence, GRC and UK / EU regulatory requirements. Previous roles included managing or being part of, AML/KYC teams of a well-known, investment bank & Compliance Crypto/Fintech advisory firm. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics and a master’s degree in Financial & Actuarial, accreditations include ACAMS Certification.

Kenneth Farrugia

Chief Retail Banking Officer
Bank of Valletta plc

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Rob Kuiper

Head of FCC Governance & Control MLRO WB NL

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Rob is a leadership KYC expert who delivers high-energy keynotes presentations that challenge audiences.
Rob earned his MSc from the University of Amsterdam.

With a strong background in product management, development and managing large strategic programs, his career expands over several banking sectors including Correspondent Banking, PSPs and Virtual Asset Service Providers.

Igor Sumkovski

Senior Manager Financial Crime Compliance Advisory
Santander UK

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TOM MANGINEis Vice President, Capital Markets AMLSite Visits&Special Investigations, US MLRO) at the Bank of Montreal. His responsibilities include conducting Targeted and Enhanced Due Diligence (TEDD) investigations into clients, counterparties and correspondents; Conducting Public Sector-Private Sector Engagement efforts with Regulatory and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide; advising members of Capital Markets regarding threats inherent in the geographies and industries in which they operate, and Conducting Site Visits with clients in high-risk industries. Tom is also an Adjunct Professor at the Joint Special Operations University, where he teaches classes on terrorist financing, money laundering, and cybersecurity. He is also a volunteer sports Integrity Officer, helping civic organizations and Ministries of Sport in Europe as well as South America investigate corruption in professional sports.


Tom joined the Bank after more than twenty years with the US Army where he served on six continents – including deployments to the Balkans, Central Asia, Horn of Africa, Middle East, and North Africa. He earned a BS in Political Science from the United States Military Academy as well as an MA in International Relations and Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Previous Speakers

Tim Ayling

Vice-President EMEA

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Tim Ayling is currently the Vice-President EMEA at buguroo. With over 20 years’ experience in the cybersecurity and anti-fraud industry, Ayling began his career in technical support, and moved on to System Engineering. He began his leadership career when he established Entrust Inc. in Australia in 2003 and was made Vice-President Asia Pacific in 2006. Ayling has held numerous leadership roles in large cybersecurity vendors, including serving as the Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions at Kaspersky Labs, as EMEA Director of Fraud & Risk Intelligence at RSA Security, as well as spending time in the cyber-security practice of KPMG.

Osman Khurshid

Head of Solutions Consultancy
Synectics Solutions

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Mark Büsser

Informatique-MTF SA

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Barry Bowen

Global Head of Sales

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Barry is a sales leader, marketer and technologist in the field of data science and fraud prevention. With over 20 years experience in risk and fraud prevention he has been helping financial institutions see and address the full picture of fraud, which in turn delivers a reduction in customer friction, fraud and associated operational overheads.


After spending nearly two and a half decades fighting fraud it is clear fraud attack methods are always evolving. Having a combination of machine, automation and human will always be the best approach, but one thing is for sure, however ever many systems you have, having a joined-up view embedded throughout your fraud operations is key to successfully addressing fraud.

Barry joined fcase in August 2018 with the aim to help banks and finance institutions benefit from fraud orchestration, and adopt an effective fraud management solution which is also an enabler for customer experience.

Dr Yannis Kalfoglou

Head of AI
PA Consulting Group

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Dr Yannis Kalfoglou is a seasoned AI professional with over 25 years in the field. He currently leads AI at PA Consulting, the innovation and transformation consultancy that brings ingenuity to life. Dr Yannis has been exposed and experienced many facets of AI, spanning three decades, and pioneered in the field of automated reasoning for intelligent integration of disparate systems. He is well versed in the financial services ecosystem where he led innovation for a top tier global asset manager, and over the years consulted many tier 1 global banks. His multi industry experience provide him with a broad and deep overview of AML challenges and areas where AI helps provide a solution. Technically, Yannis is well versed in the art and science of engineering AI and building cutting edge systems: backed by a first-class degree in Computer Science, a PhD in AI and post-doc on the semantic web. Professionally, he led the customer driven innovation programme of Ricoh in Europe, and managed Invesco’s innovation programme, he consulted clients on innovative uses of blockchain technology with Wipro, and delivered an AI strategy for Samsung and BP.”

Vincent Whiter

Director UK

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Vincent joined Facepoint in 2019 as UK Director, and functions as a subject matter expert in AML/CTF screening. He has worked for 15 years with Anti-Money Laundering and due diligence solutions.
His expertise includes matching algorithms, onomastics, and the gamut of KYC processes. Prior to moving into the compliance sector, he worked as a statistical analyst for a US consultancy. Vincent has a degree in economics and philosophy from the University of York.

Benjamin Aanes

Data Science Consultant

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Benjamin Aanes works as a data science consultant at BearingPoint. Benjamin has since the fall of 2018 assisted Sparebank 1 in introducing machine learning-based rules generation and specialized in house business intelligence solutions for AML case investigation. Benjamin holds a MSc in Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Ori Snir

Product Manager
Nice Actimize

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Ori Snir is the Product Manager for NICE Actimize’s X-Sight Analytics Platform. Ori has 12 years of experience in both product management and analytics and has served in multiple roles in the analytics space, including most recently as the head of the EMEA Fraud Analytics Services team. Ori holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Economics and Psychology from Tel Aviv University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Tel Aviv University where he majored in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, as well as in Data Science.

Or Navri

Senior Data Scientist

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Or Navri works at RSA as Data scientist, where he develops Machine Learning models that provide real-time protection for online banking and eCommerce transactions. In addition to his work, Or is an industrial engineer and has a Master Thesis in Applied Statistics. Being part of the data science team in RSA, Or works on feature engineering and device matching algorithms that enhance RSA risk-based adaptive authentication solution.

Hugo Veazey

Director Anti Financial Crime Solutions

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Steve Goddard

Fraud Market Expert

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Steve is a Fraud Market Expert, who joined Featurespace in October 2019. He works with Financial Institutions to understand their fraud threats and how Featurespace can help prevent fraud attacks against their customers by leveraging Adaptive Behavioural Analytics technology.
Steve has worked within the fraud and payment industry for over 14 years, in the banking, travel and retail space. He has worked closely with Merchants advising on fraud strategies, as well as running operations teams.
Previously, Steve has also worked with Banks and PSPs globally in Product Management roles, leading major development initiatives to deliver solutions to external customers.

Alex McSharry

Anti-Money Laundering Subject Matter Expert

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Alex joined Featurespace in November 2019 as an Anti-Money Laundering Subject Matter Expert. He started his career at HSBC, undertaking various roles within their branch network. From there Alex joined the HSBC fraud team, performing several roles in both plastic and non-plastic teams. Subsequent to his fraud roles, Alex was one of the first joiners of HSBC’s Financial Intelligence Unit where he held both operational and strategic intelligence roles covering all financial crime types. After leaving HSBC he moved to Deutsche Bank to work in their Counter-Terrorism and Proliferation Finance team.

François Dorléans

Product manager

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François is Product Manager at Bleckwen, a technology company fighting against fraud in payments and financial crime with Machine Learning.
As Product Manager, François fosters the product development and the definition of client solution. He previously co-founded Stratumn a workflow traceability software based on blockchain for financial institutions and supported other Fintech startups.
He completed a Dual degree in Politics and Philosophy at Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne, and a Master’s degree in Economics and Business from Sciences Po Paris.

Vincenzo Marchica


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